Jan 5

Pulau Ketam Day Trip

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Pulau Ketam, another spontaneous day trip on the 12 Dec 2009. With my buddies angeline and cheeheng.

This time we started a bit late than usual trips we had, around 11am we took a KTM ride from Subang to Port Klang, which is the final station. It costs rm5.80 for a round trip. We reached Port Klang station around 12pm, from there we walked (approximately 5 minutes) to the new port to take a ferry ride to the “Crab Island” - Pulau Ketam. Each of us pay rm7 for a single ferry trip. Finally 1pm we reach Pulau Ketam. It looks so familiar to me, everything still remain the same, same old look compare to many years ago.

We started our shooting and posing under the hot sun, infront of all the colorful walls, above the sea, with the kids…