Aug 13

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Nov 13

Year End Hairstyle

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It’s not new anymore. i had this haircut last month, and coloured. It’s short and… red.

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Nov 6

Symmetrical Nails

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i’ve applied some design onto my long nails, a symmetrical one.
i guess black will be my favourite color of the month.


Oct 15

The Leopard Print

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Yesterday lunch time, took me 10 minutes to finish a bowl of noodle soup. and the other 50 minutes on my nails, painting this leopard prints onto my nails. Got this inspiration from stella. she got a lovely pink leopard print, so i surfed on some tutorial online & some real leopard skin picture as reference, and now i started on my own painting.
1. i got my nails a base, which is nude color. apply 2 layers. wait til dry.
2. i use a “gold” nail polish to make some dots on my nails, 4-6 spots on 1 nail. wait til dry.
3. i use a tiny brush as a tool to paint the “dark brown” nail polish at the side of each spot, unevenly. just like the picture above. wait til dry.
4. apply clear top coat.

From far, they really look nice, but when close up, erm, i feel a bit messy. but anyway, it’s a nice experience to do some fancy things on the nails. i love it.


Jun 25

My *bling bling* nails

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I bought a new nail polish again~
Found a very nice bling bling nail polish from Etude House, at 1 Utama, New Wing. The nail color call “Dear Darling Nails (#16 Spangle Silver)” for rm11.90. It has small and medium shinny bits when applying on the nails. That’s exactly what i’m looking for!

How to apply the *bling bling* nails in 15 minutes?
1. Clean up your nails
2. Apply a base coat or you think your nails are yellowish, you can try apply a thin layer of Nude or Champagne color on your nails, so it will looks more natural and healthy. I’ve just got another new one from Loreal Warehouse Sales yesterday, Maybelline, Salon Secret (#21 Champagne) for rm5 only. It looks perfectly natural(see the photo above which i applied). *So, actually i’ve got 2 new nail polish in total :p
3. Apply the shinny Dear Darling Nails polish on the tips of your nails.
4. Apply few layers if you want to have a very shimmering ,shinny and super *bling* nails.

These simple steps will make your nails look fabulous in 15 minutes, and it just looks like you went for a nail salon.
Now you can go party anytime with your *bling bling* nails.


Jun 11

Let’s doodle on your nails!

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i’m using the white pen nail polish again.. to doodle on my nails (especially the left nails). it’s fun! and i hope my nails surface are big enough for me to doodle more stuff.. and i can’t control my left hand on the drawings, it looks.. a bit.. off… but.. still okay~ hehe

what’s next?