Nov 12

Ipoh Trip

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A food+photography trip with photo-kaki on the 16-18 October 2009. Thanks andrew for the accommodation and be our tourguide. Had lotsa yummy food and visiting. Went to many places that i haven’t been before. Met new friend, kylie, and old friend, ah foong. And….

First day:
Reach there almost midnight, and we had a drink and chicken wing at a kopitiam while waiting for kokwai, sherrina & eddy to reach ipoh.

Second day:
Early in the morning, we went to the ipoh’s most famous dimsum, Foh San Restaurant. A double storey standalone restaurant, which can fit 100 tables. Wow!

Kek Lok Tong

We went to Kek Lok Tong after our dimsum session.

another side of the cave. 世外桃源

Papan, the abandoned town

Fatt Kee Kopitiam
a place where andrew grew up.

feeding the pigeons.

Cheeheng playing with the pigeons, happily.

Kellie’s Castle

eddy stood at the edge. scary~

Third day:
Mistress Stress/ 二奶巷

We bought salted chicken “盐焗鸡 ” as souvenir, and had coffee before we heading back to KL. It’s a great trip, and the weather was just nice, hot and sunny. So… where to go next?


Mar 27

We are Pisces

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Back dated! i’ve been too busy on my work, now.. it’s time to blog again. The February’s Event.

This day, friday… on the 20th, if i’m not mistaken. Yenc has arranged this february chocolate fondue day, a birthdaysss gathering.

People who attended: yenc, jook, cheeheng, cliff, lay, eunice and of course the 3 pisces.

Besides chocolate fondue prepared by yenc, we had all kind of fruits (strawberry, kiwi, green apple, mango, grape, papaya, tomato, apple) to dip with, marsh mallow, 5 large dominos pizzas for FREE, thanks shyng (5 large pizzas for 9 pax, erm.. each of us got to eat at least half of the pizza), soft drinks, and a lovely birthday cake!

Thanks all~

^Shyng^ ^Jaemy^ ^Rabbit^ - we are the lovely pisces.
rabbit, “shyng… can i have that rabbit toy?” ” i can make new clothes for her”

yenc squeezed in.. hehe.. i was out of the frame.

It’s been quite a while didn’t actually meet cliff  (稀客甲), he still the same. when karaoke?

^ lay (稀客乙) so funny with his specs on the mask. *V* some more.

i love all the photos… enhanced with the classic frame from shyng. photographer? guess who? ^

Shyng’s room full of props, we so enjoying playing with all these and taking photos, there are frames, umbrella, lamps, soft toys,….. and mask - a clone of my face. wat!!!?? similarity = 99%

hehe.. all of us squeezed in Jaemy’s room for group photo.


Dec 24

X’mas gathering at Top Hat

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time flies.. year end again, but i think it’s the most joyful month of the year. why? coz there will be holidays, a lot of gatherings with friends… and most importantly, year-end sales!!

we’ve been having this x’mas gathering + gift exchange since… erm… erm.. 3 years ago? correct me if i’m wrong.
angeline was to assigned as the organiser for this year. very nice of her created this e-flyer (职业病) hehe, but really.. really.. unexpected & most unexpectedly, this year… all of us (yema, liz, gigi, angeline & i) attended. *full attendance* accompanied with their husband & boyfriends (liz’s hubby - sebastian, gigi’s darling - brian, angeline’s sweetheart - kurt).

here’s the lovely e-flyer by angeline. woooo*

we decided to have a cozy place for dinner, top hat recommended by angeline. it’s bungalow nearby KL conventional center. we had a small room for just 8 of us, maybe they can sense we will create lotsa noise.. haha, but actually the hall there is nicer, with british kinda deco, very warm feeling and home feel, and our room.. yea.. there’s a xmas tree, at least got some xmas feel and some paintings with frames on the wall. the food there not bad but a bit pricey. i ordered a caesar salad with beef bacons… coz.. i was having a slight fever+flu *i will never miss our xmas gathering!!!*

everyone of us are so talkative, hehe… a lot of topics to share. the room never been quiet for the few hours of dining time. kurt is a bit shy, maybe it’s the first day we met, cannot expect too much coz angeline keep him so safe and secret.

Top left: liz, angeline, gigi, rabbit, yema | Bottom left: sebastian, kurt, brian

*a reminder for those who wants to try this restaurant, ask clearly is the plain water serve FREE or.. we’d being charged for RM72 (they claimed their plain water “EVIAN”) which all of us feel cheated coz they didn’t even ask whether we want them to serve plain water or not.

anyway unhappy things just forget about it. we had a great day, good friends gathered, everyone of us got a pressie to take home, i’ve got gigi’s lovely cups for 2 and candles, hehe.. thanks.

organiser for xmas 2009 will be gigi. and next year, we will have a new member joining us, a pretty little girl, hehe.

merry xmas to everyone!


Oct 13


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*photos taken by yenc + brian*


where: 强强滚 at bandar puteri puchong
when: 4 october 2008, 7pm
why: estella’s birthday animals gathering
who: estella, estella’s sis, rabbit, yenc, jerry, brian, gigi

滚啊滚…我们一到位于puchong的”强强滚” shabu shabu,就把所有可以把汤底弄得一级棒的材料统统丢进煲里滚… 有萝卜(兔子吃的),番茄(兔子的最爱),豆腐,咸菜,辣菜,白菜,蚝,玉米…还有很多很多…只是汤底的料都占了2/3的煲了.呵呵!

其实…..这堆动物聚会是为了庆祝la姐的生日. 嘻,生日快乐哦la姐!挂住吃…差点忘了主题 *paiseh*

这间shabu shabu独特的selling point就是那迴转寿司…oops,不是寿司,而是鱼蛋. 哈哈. 只要看到你想吃的转到你面前,请即刻拿,不然要等一大圈,苦了肚子就不好啰.

除了未熟的食物,还有一些炸云吞,春卷,炸芋头糕,kimchi…等等的食物. yenc还把整碗kimchi倒入煲里,辣死la姐和jerry仔啰.

图一: 一直不停手的拿…堆得好高哦.. *其实,已经收了好几轮了*
图五: 迴转着
图六: 兔子的食物
图七: brian & gigi 的汤底
图八: 大大粒鱼蛋
图九: 超薄猪肉片


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Aug 19

rabbit & her sis at mezze

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在TANGS里的一角落有这么小小的一间mediterranean cafe - mezze, 很舒服的一个小地方, 咖啡也挺不错的, 我们还叫了点小吃。在这里度过炎热或雨后的下午,也挺不赖。 兔子喜欢!

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Aug 8

brian, happy belated birthday!

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another animal gathering…
where is jerry? jerry.. when are u coming back from dubai.. u better be back in september yea. we miss u…

venue: shogun, sunway pyramid
animals attended: piggie x2, froggie, monkey, rabbit & mouse in 2D

hey hey… let me introduce this monkey’s gf, gigi, another new member of this animal group, piggie +1

getting fatter lar, i think i took more than 6 rounds, 1st round - assorted sashimi, 2nd round - assorted sushi, 3rd round - porridge & miso soup, 4th round - assorted tempura, 5th round - basically lamb, 6th round - ginseng tea, desserts, ice-cream, and more…… did i miss out any?

and i purposely wear something loose.. so can fill more food inside without seeing my tummy jai. haha.

*yay* my crooked rabbit sign getting famous!

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