Sep 16

Malacca Day Trip

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A very spontaneous trip decided in the early saturday morning. Planned to eat nyonya laksa and chicken ball rice, but too late to reach there. Planned to stay over night in either Puri Hotel or Baba House, all fully booked. After a few hours walking and snapping at the jonker street and a’famosa, decided to go home and have a german cuisine for dinner at Euro Deli Restaurant, Damansara Kim. Had Franziskaner white & dark draft beer, sausages and pork belly. What a saturday~


May 12


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his left and right face. 双面 mojo

I think he quite like to take photos, will looks at the camera and stays still and pose for me to snap. “clever mojo, Good boy!”

mojo has grown up so much. compare here
now he is 1.5 years old, his dark spots are getting more obvious, looks more mature and about my knee height or even taller.
i seldom go back to my mom’s place, but when i’m there, mojo will sticks with me, and i will play with him, talk to him. he still likes running and jumping very much… whenever my hands holding something, he will thought those are food… he always that hungry, haha.

whenever my finger pointing at him and says “SIT” he will sit, and “HAND” he will raise up one of his hand and shake with urs, and “LIE DOWN”. i will praise him after he does those ” mojo, Good boy” .


May 11


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more photos to be up soon….


Oct 3


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我终于可以摆脱城市的喧闹… 来到这… 充满了新鲜空气, 充足的阳光照射, 一片宁静又舒服的海滩, 看似暖绵绵的沙滩… langkawi.

早上在沙滩留下足印… 中午到处逛逛… 做个spa放松一下… 傍晚漫步沙滩… 晚上到独特的 bistro 小喝一番….. 全程穿着短裤露腿装, 感觉多自由…


Aug 19

rabbit & her sis at mezze

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在TANGS里的一角落有这么小小的一间mediterranean cafe - mezze, 很舒服的一个小地方, 咖啡也挺不错的, 我们还叫了点小吃。在这里度过炎热或雨后的下午,也挺不赖。 兔子喜欢!

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Aug 19

rabbit at tangs

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兔子的上个weekends就在kl pavilion度过了… 花了很多钱与时间… 惊喜连连的,发现原来TANGS sales真的太恐怖了,而且还是further reduction!!! 要命咩! 兔子就这样疯狂的把所有的钱双手奉献了给TANGS …嗯,挺PK了 (T.T) 还好知道得晚,不然…(或许不知道的话会是件好事,唉!)不过,却发现很多漂亮的地方… 看来,应该无人可猜出兔子在哪里拍下这张照片吧?嘻嘻!