Oct 26


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我的惊吓度直飚1000%… 这意想不到的事实,让我对这个人感到可悲,恐怖。


你掩饰得好 还是 我看起来很笨吗?


Sep 15

上海一页/First story

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我的第一夜,Alex 和 Weiyee 带我们到海底捞火锅店,在静安区北京西路1068号3楼(近江宁路) 。
上海任何吃的在午/晚餐都一定要排队,可是这里,排队的当儿,还有小食吃,喝酸梅汤,上网,看书,下棋,涂指甲油。。。全免费!挺不错哦,服务好到~ 来到这里,一定要点“功夫面”,还可以看表演,撒功夫,厉害到~ 可是没有拍到照,一定会再去!

过后,我们去了Ritz Carlton 位于52楼的 Aura 喝喝聊聊~ 还有美女唱歌,有上海情调~

Shanghai Ritz Carlton

Shanghai Ritz Carlton

Shanghai Ritz Carlton



Jan 5

Pulau Ketam Day Trip

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Pulau Ketam, another spontaneous day trip on the 12 Dec 2009. With my buddies angeline and cheeheng.

This time we started a bit late than usual trips we had, around 11am we took a KTM ride from Subang to Port Klang, which is the final station. It costs rm5.80 for a round trip. We reached Port Klang station around 12pm, from there we walked (approximately 5 minutes) to the new port to take a ferry ride to the “Crab Island” - Pulau Ketam. Each of us pay rm7 for a single ferry trip. Finally 1pm we reach Pulau Ketam. It looks so familiar to me, everything still remain the same, same old look compare to many years ago.

We started our shooting and posing under the hot sun, infront of all the colorful walls, above the sea, with the kids…


Nov 12

Ipoh Trip

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A food+photography trip with photo-kaki on the 16-18 October 2009. Thanks andrew for the accommodation and be our tourguide. Had lotsa yummy food and visiting. Went to many places that i haven’t been before. Met new friend, kylie, and old friend, ah foong. And….

First day:
Reach there almost midnight, and we had a drink and chicken wing at a kopitiam while waiting for kokwai, sherrina & eddy to reach ipoh.

Second day:
Early in the morning, we went to the ipoh’s most famous dimsum, Foh San Restaurant. A double storey standalone restaurant, which can fit 100 tables. Wow!

Kek Lok Tong

We went to Kek Lok Tong after our dimsum session.

another side of the cave. 世外桃源

Papan, the abandoned town

Fatt Kee Kopitiam
a place where andrew grew up.

feeding the pigeons.

Cheeheng playing with the pigeons, happily.

Kellie’s Castle

eddy stood at the edge. scary~

Third day:
Mistress Stress/ 二奶巷

We bought salted chicken “盐焗鸡 ” as souvenir, and had coffee before we heading back to KL. It’s a great trip, and the weather was just nice, hot and sunny. So… where to go next?


Oct 26

I have a date with spring

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What: I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有个约会 (Musical Play)
Where: KLPac
When: 25 October 2009, 3pm
How much: rm115 (nearer to the stage, and it worth the price, thanks syam for helping us to get the tickets)
Who: Syam, Ben, Hamyu, Shyng, Jook & Rabbit

I went to this Pink Tattoos in SS15 to meet jook and shyng, their friend’s shop grand opening. We had lunch around sentul or at sentul, i don’t really know where, syam brought us to eat har mee. After the lunch, we straight heading to KLPac for the musical play. The play started at 3pm sharp, and ended around 6pm. I was impressed by the main lead actress (Tan Soo Suan) she act as 小蝶 in the story, she sing pretty well. And also the backdrop changing, wow! Some of the scenes are quite touching, ya.. i need a tissue, but i was too *shy* to get the tissue from my bag. The play will extend for another week. For those who wanna watch, please grab the ticket fast. Visit the site. For those who can’t really understand cantonese/mandarin, no worries, there is english subtitles.

Thanks shyng for recommend us such a nice musical play, and it was my first experience. Really awesome.

After the play, we went for a drink, some having dinner as well. and i had a little spicy indian donut. hehe.


Aug 26


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Here’s the first pack of the fujifilm instax mini, no.3-10.
most of them are nerds or x nerds.. and liz, my old friend. i love all these~ so, who will be the next?