Jan 5

Pulau Ketam Day Trip

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Pulau Ketam, another spontaneous day trip on the 12 Dec 2009. With my buddies angeline and cheeheng.

This time we started a bit late than usual trips we had, around 11am we took a KTM ride from Subang to Port Klang, which is the final station. It costs rm5.80 for a round trip. We reached Port Klang station around 12pm, from there we walked (approximately 5 minutes) to the new port to take a ferry ride to the “Crab Island” - Pulau Ketam. Each of us pay rm7 for a single ferry trip. Finally 1pm we reach Pulau Ketam. It looks so familiar to me, everything still remain the same, same old look compare to many years ago.

We started our shooting and posing under the hot sun, infront of all the colorful walls, above the sea, with the kids…


Jun 2

cycling at taman pertanian

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what: cycling
when:  24 may 2009, 9am
where: taman pertanian shah alam
who: cliff’s gang(cliff, fidella, zeejay…..), and us (yenc, cheeheng, shyng, jaemy, eunice, chokyan and i)
entrance fee: rm3 per pax
bicycle rental fee: around rm6-8  for 3 hours (depends on what bicycle you rent)

Before the heavy work out, we went for breakfast at Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant early morning at 8am.

The second time of cycling at taman pertanian since last year august.
this time, lucky me.. no more “goreng kereta” (炒车), no more injuries. hehe *lucky day*

15 of us, as usual the big group will be separated to smaller groups, cliff’s gang photography all the way, but they cycle damn fast, which we can’t really catch up with them.. and we took the slower pace(another route) compared to the first time, the “extremed*” pace…
*extremed = went up the hill down and up and down again… “exhausted”!

We passed by paddy field which is not so happening. *perhaps sekinchan’s one… will be…. awaiting~
follow the route, we reached the animal park, there is a rabbit farm… erm.. left back a few poor rabbits. at the other side there are porcupines, further, a group of kancils..mostly injured, poor them.

Here we reached the lake, saw the beautiful sun reflection. Perfectly fit 7 of us, with jaemy shooting us catching the sun with his compact. *love it*
Further down, we reached mushroom garden, mostly poisoned! *haha* the color all faded and kinda dirty.
There is a tower near the lake, a lot of nice scenes from there, a secret garden, which far from the us, yenc’s favourite huge trees, which she wanna climb up those trees, and claim herself “猪娜上树”.

We got a lot of nice shots from cheeheng, visit his blog here.

my legs were sore and tired after the ride and we got crystal char siew & hakka mee after the ride, yay~ yummy~ the whole work out gone, fats & calories rebuild again~ sigh~

Compare to last year, i think there are more healthier people, coz we almost can’t get our bike around 9am, all occupied by others, and the leftover bikes condition are not really good, new bikes being booked by others, we didn’t know we can book in advance. Maybe we should try cycle at putrajaya one day.


Apr 16

Lover’s Bridge at Tanjung Sepat

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the reflection of 1pm sun.

the view of lover’s bridge from one of the nearby restaurant.

donut.. ew~


their leisure activity

dead fish. poor lil fish~

foot steps of dominic and cheeheng.

this is the hometown of liz - Tanjung Sepat, a fishing village. We had a great day there…. got a little bit sun burnt, stomach was full the whole day long, never been hungry. How to go there from KL or PJ? just leave me a message, i will let u know in details (source from liz)100% accurate. *hehe* next will be some street shots….


Apr 14

Tanjung Sepat Day Trip

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It’s a sunny day, there were 12 + 2 of us went to tanjung sepat on 11 april 2009, we departed from subang at around 8+am, reached there by liz provided route map, quite accurate though, we leaded all the way to tanjung sepat and we made a few U-turns, first was… in coincidence, toilet break. haha, don’t think the other 2 cars knew about it. but finally we reached there around 9+am… just in time for their famous bakuteh.

…to be continued.

photo took at lover’s bridge (polaroided me, cheeheng, dom, andrew and yan)


Mar 19

More on… Sungai Lembing

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In the afternoon, after the street walking, we actually had plenty of time to visit around. Took a lot of photos in the papan house, then came to visit this.. one by one….

The bridge: Jambatan Gantung Kolong Pahat Sg. Lembing

cheeheng & kokwai.

cheeheng, aivy and andrew.

This connecting both sides residents. Lembing mee factory is just across the river.

i like kokwai’s cap. haha X.X

The heritage: Muzium Sungai Lembing

a nice place to….

An evening walk: Kampung life

Going up to take a deep breath, fresh air~ this is just behind of our home stay for the second day, but a lot of mosquitoes.

meow~ cat enjoying sunbathing on the roof top.

The BIG group: Sungai Lembing Tour 2009

group photo, 25 of us. V^.^V

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Mar 19

Sungai Lembing, the small little town

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Here we reached to the bottom of the hill (time on my watch: 8+am), which we called this “Pasar”, the small little town, Sungai Lembing.

Street walking: Pasar Sungai Lembing

Hunger. now we heading to pasar for food. The weather was so nice, sunny, shinny day~ blue sky, white clouds… but hot & sweats, eeew….

see 3 of them… towels round their neck + holding DLSR, walking passed Java Street.

these were really early birds. My advice, please don’t walk underneath…

aivy and andrew look so professional.

Hardly to have 4 of us in the photo.

the reflection on a local car.

uncle on hands free set.

wow, i like this. very colourful window panels…

Lembing kid.

“wanna fight?”

so.. classic.

natural shot - cheeheng

not that natural shot, but nice smile~

not too sure what they doing there.. haha. can see how playful are the city boys.