Oct 26

I have a date with spring

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What: I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有个约会 (Musical Play)
Where: KLPac
When: 25 October 2009, 3pm
How much: rm115 (nearer to the stage, and it worth the price, thanks syam for helping us to get the tickets)
Who: Syam, Ben, Hamyu, Shyng, Jook & Rabbit

I went to this Pink Tattoos in SS15 to meet jook and shyng, their friend’s shop grand opening. We had lunch around sentul or at sentul, i don’t really know where, syam brought us to eat har mee. After the lunch, we straight heading to KLPac for the musical play. The play started at 3pm sharp, and ended around 6pm. I was impressed by the main lead actress (Tan Soo Suan) she act as 小蝶 in the story, she sing pretty well. And also the backdrop changing, wow! Some of the scenes are quite touching, ya.. i need a tissue, but i was too *shy* to get the tissue from my bag. The play will extend for another week. For those who wanna watch, please grab the ticket fast. Visit the site. For those who can’t really understand cantonese/mandarin, no worries, there is english subtitles.

Thanks shyng for recommend us such a nice musical play, and it was my first experience. Really awesome.

After the play, we went for a drink, some having dinner as well. and i had a little spicy indian donut. hehe.


Mar 26


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pet’s name: mojo
breed: dalmation mix
date of birth: 9 january 2008
owner’s name: rabbit
interest: food & running


Jun 21

A very CHI-SIN nite in arachnid….. that’s where it happened.

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I never collage a photo in such a complicated+messy, with all the crazy people here… or drunken people. It suits the theme, okay?! My very first time. it was supposed to be just a company trip’s photo-sharing + eating section, but it ended up…… til 2am. but it was too fun..

Karaoke/concert by jook, karen and david, group photos takin’, jook & sue was doing wrestling, terrorist attacked, committee group photo (ben, chee heng and me in a very serious posture) i guess u know which photo issit, playing with the buns… no one eat them.. poor little buns…, imee, the drunken queen of all, lay with all funny pose and #CC0000 on the face for whole nite.. he said, it should turns to #660066. haha…… everybody was so HIGH…. although some didn’t drink much or not even drinking.

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