Aug 16

rabbit’s new toy: fujifilm instax mini 7s

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yay!  got my new toy. my first polaroid camera - Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S  *full white*
just point, shoot and up pops a credit card size photo… which is so instant and mini!
and here, got my first shot and first slide of the film with karen… she owned a white too!
got it at rm330 for the camera. consider the cheapest we can get.



Aug 14

Bangkok/Ayutthaya in May

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On the 13th May 2009, when we reached at Bangkok airport already around 11pm+, don’t know issit flight delayed or what? it supposed to reach there around 10pm. erm…. anyway… yay, we have reached bangkok, the shopping city…

Alright, we need to find where exactly is our guest house, The Lamphu House. Silly me, none of us copy the address of the guest house. but still… we reached the guest house, and it looks quite ok, each room got the private balcony (*special requested)

The first morning in bangkok.

It’s a rainy morning~

Looked up to the sky.. i saw a beautiful art piece through a transparent sunshield, the leaves shadows drop on it and pair with flowers petals…

The tree next to the reception counter.

We thought of taking the 9am train to Ayutthaya, but we were late. when we reached there, already 9.15am, we asked the pretty girl at the information counter, she suggested us to take a cab to Ayutthaya, coz the next train scheduled at 10am+ and the price is x20, which is around rm20+ per pax. So, after discussion with friends, we decided to take an easy ride, the colourful cab *i want a pink cab* But… unfortunately, is not a cab, is a private car, with driver, that includes of round tour to Ayutthaya, drop off at any wat (temple), pick up, and back to our guest house before 5pm. excluding the entrance tickets  to all the temples.

We have 15 minutes break before heading to Ayutthaya, and we bought some breakfast and drinks to have it in the car.

It’s still raining…

3 of them continue their sweet dreams, and i… busy snapping the rainy city.

Ayutthaya, The Ancient Capital of Siam

After an hour + car ride, we reached the first Wat, Wat Yai Chaimongkhon.

I’m not too sure how many Wats we went, here is the total list.  Those without a strikethrough, means we visited. hehe, but don’t ask me which photo is for which Wat, i was lost here.
• Wat Phra Si Sanphet
• Wat Phuthaisawan
• Wat Yai Chaimongkhon (sleeping buddha)
• Wat Phraram
• Wat Mahathat (see photo below)
• Wat Phukhoathong
• Wat Rachaburana
• Wat Maheyong
• Wihara Pra Mongkhonbophit
• Wat Chaiwatthanaram
• Wat Suwan Dararam
• Wat Panan Choeng
• Wat Na Phrameru Rachikaram
• Wat Thamigarat
• Phra Chedi Sri Suriyothai

As you can see, still can find some complete Buddha statues.

Buddha head overgrown by tree in Wat Mahathat.
Note: If you want to take a photo with the Buddha, you must not stand higher than the Buddha head.

Young monks happily visiting Ayutthaya too.

Introducing my old friends~ gigi in black with a shocked face, angeline in pink bandana with a sweet smile.

Cheeyen with a shocked face, imitate gigi’s expression.

Posed at the leaning ruins.

Group photo~ We quite enjoy the trip coz the weather was good, not too sunny and windy too~
too bad liz, sebastian, yema and her sister, kelly not joining us.

more Ayutthaya photos >>>>>>> click here!

The remaining days in Bangkok. The shopping days.

How should i describe Bangkok city? Here’s the answer…

Colourful, and a lot a lot a lot a lot of choices~ *my eyes so blur*

We went to MBK, Zen, Suan Lum Night Market, 2 days of Chatuchak and Khao San (Khao San everyday, coz we stayed there)

I have bought this HUGE frame from MBK, and i didn’t know an optic shop in a shopping mall can ask for discount *cheap cheap?*

Here’s my mirror project, to capture whenever i saw mirror and reflections. hoho.

We have bought a lot of stuff.
6 days 5 nights, and we still think not enough, will go  again some other days when i need to change the whole wardrobe.

more Bangkok photos >>>>>>> click here!


Jun 25

My *bling bling* nails

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I bought a new nail polish again~
Found a very nice bling bling nail polish from Etude House, at 1 Utama, New Wing. The nail color call “Dear Darling Nails (#16 Spangle Silver)” for rm11.90. It has small and medium shinny bits when applying on the nails. That’s exactly what i’m looking for!

How to apply the *bling bling* nails in 15 minutes?
1. Clean up your nails
2. Apply a base coat or you think your nails are yellowish, you can try apply a thin layer of Nude or Champagne color on your nails, so it will looks more natural and healthy. I’ve just got another new one from Loreal Warehouse Sales yesterday, Maybelline, Salon Secret (#21 Champagne) for rm5 only. It looks perfectly natural(see the photo above which i applied). *So, actually i’ve got 2 new nail polish in total :p
3. Apply the shinny Dear Darling Nails polish on the tips of your nails.
4. Apply few layers if you want to have a very shimmering ,shinny and super *bling* nails.

These simple steps will make your nails look fabulous in 15 minutes, and it just looks like you went for a nail salon.
Now you can go party anytime with your *bling bling* nails.


May 21

new look in may

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.new look
have a shorter hair cut after bangkok shopping trip.. i still don’t dare to cut super short, next time lar.. hoho
bought a super huge matte frame specs.. in 350baht, being cheated, coz there are people selling something similar but 150baht (some more not yet bargain).. argghhh
look like Arale (小云)?

.new working environment
today i have re-arranged the working room.. cleaned all the dust, moved them around all by myself, now i feel more spacious and not that stuffy in the room… i like it.


Apr 28

nail art of the week

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i bought another nail art tool (erm, i actually bought 2, one is silver one is white *hoho*) last week at 1U (while waiting for friends), one of the booth at new wing near forever 21. cost me rm 2.50, really cheap although the packaging/bottle is not so nice looking, it got a very fine tip, that i can squeeze the nail polish and create/draw whatever i like on my nails. first time saw this kind of thing with so unbelievable “extremely too” reasonable price, i was so excited and asked the sales girl, “why so cheap?” at the reverse side of the tip actually there is a fine brush, don’t think i will use the brush, hehe.

here’s my art of the week… nice or not?


Apr 11


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my nails speak pure french.

bought another nail polish last few days - pure white. Been searching around for this white, matte without shimmering coat, and i have got this, Rimmel London Nail Tip Whitener, not very expensive (cheaper than Sally Hansen that i almost want to buy), but nice for me to experiment on my nails. now i got a pure french manicure, truly white on nude…

white is not an easy color to apply on nails, tried few years back, it was a failure. some how this is not too bad and i just applied 2 thin layers, it created a long lasting and finished coat. more, it got a brush that specially made for french manicure, so i can easily apply on the edge, better curve line on my nails.

love it.

next target, is to get a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Top Coat. they got the breakthrough micro-diamond formula which has a “quick-drying chip preventer” that will last any nail color on your nails for up to 10 days! will get it soon… *hee*