Dec 11


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半夜一点半,唱着lucky… 一点也不觉得lucky,
我想… 我(我们)已忘了那感觉。 剩下的就仅仅只有那一点点的……

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Dec 4


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偶尔很清醒 偶尔却抗拒 偶尔有睡意 偶尔很伤心
偶尔很开心 偶尔却下雨 偶尔有梦境 偶尔很想你 …


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Nov 13

Year End Hairstyle

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It’s not new anymore. i had this haircut last month, and coloured. It’s short and… red.

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Nov 12

Ipoh Trip

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A food+photography trip with photo-kaki on the 16-18 October 2009. Thanks andrew for the accommodation and be our tourguide. Had lotsa yummy food and visiting. Went to many places that i haven’t been before. Met new friend, kylie, and old friend, ah foong. And….

First day:
Reach there almost midnight, and we had a drink and chicken wing at a kopitiam while waiting for kokwai, sherrina & eddy to reach ipoh.

Second day:
Early in the morning, we went to the ipoh’s most famous dimsum, Foh San Restaurant. A double storey standalone restaurant, which can fit 100 tables. Wow!

Kek Lok Tong

We went to Kek Lok Tong after our dimsum session.

another side of the cave. 世外桃源

Papan, the abandoned town

Fatt Kee Kopitiam
a place where andrew grew up.

feeding the pigeons.

Cheeheng playing with the pigeons, happily.

Kellie’s Castle

eddy stood at the edge. scary~

Third day:
Mistress Stress/ 二奶巷

We bought salted chicken “盐焗鸡 ” as souvenir, and had coffee before we heading back to KL. It’s a great trip, and the weather was just nice, hot and sunny. So… where to go next?


Nov 6

Symmetrical Nails

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i’ve applied some design onto my long nails, a symmetrical one.
i guess black will be my favourite color of the month.


Nov 2


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